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GlowZone, Inc.

Until recently, conventional photoluminescent (PL) products were only available in flat sheets or tape. Over a seven-year period, GlowZone became the first company ever to successfully suspend PL crystals in various carriers. This paved the way for two revolutionary breakthroughs in PL technology. The first was the ability to produce PL products using different micron particle sizes to achieve the brightest photoluminescence, vastly outperforming conventional PL products. The second breakthrough was the flexibility to use these pigments in new forms of production that had never been done before such as casting, extrusion, powder-coating, tile glazing, rubberizing or painting. Today, the company has perfected what is widely recognized in the industry as the most significant advances in PL technology in decades, and is the industry leader in researching, developing and manufacturing photoluminescent products.

GlowZone has advanced R&D capabilities and manufacturing technologies to be able to produce virtually any product. Responding to the needs of it’s customers, new applications are born every day. GlowZone takes your products and integrates PL technology to add value to your product line. GlowZone products are now used everywhere from high rise buildings to homes, stadiums to subways, and from mines to oil rigs, in many cases providing a level of safety for people that could mean the difference between life and death.

Products and Services

Architectural, Fire Safety, Flashlights / Tools, Marine & Outdoor, Safety Signage, Safety Way Guidance Systems
Tile, Two Component Systems, Helmet Bands, Consumer Products, Turnout Gear

Manufacturing Processes

Casting, Extrusions, Injection Molding, Paint Systems, Powder Coating, Silicone Rubber, Two Component PL Packaging, Tile Glazing and Inlays, Vinyl Dipping, Reflective Films

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