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Hydraulic Rod Pumps, International

The role of HRP International in the oil & gas industry has been to develop leading-edge ultra long-stroke pumping unit technology and to provide producers with proven, innovative solutions. Our product line has been designed to specifically address concerns about electrical efficiencies, capital costs and restricted-location issues that so many producers face in today's oilfields.

Products and Services

HRP units are compatible with most oil and gas wells, particularly those suited for high-density drill sites, including:

  • Offshore shallow water platforms
  • Urban drill sites
  • Directionally-drilled wells
  • High density pad fields

Our low profile solutions are also ideal for:

  • Residential & urban / commercial locations
  • Agricultural installations 
  • Visually sensitive areas such as wild life habitats

Manufacturing Processes

We are certified under API Q-1 and ISO-9001, with an emphasis on custom engineering and design processes.

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Company Name: Hydraulic Rod Pumps, International

Category: Machinery

Location: Foothill Ranch, CA

Contact Person: Chris Hodges

Phone: 949-452-1111

Email: @



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