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ICM Incorporated

As a maker of high-quality industrial machinery for over half a century, ICM has a proud history of meeting the needs of industry the world over. ICM's abrasive blasting systems have helped put mankind in space, helped make products to feed the hungry, to save lives, to restore the beauty of a child's smile. ICM is looking for dealers and distributors throughout the USA and internationally. We guarantee you that something made with ICM equipment has touched your life today.

Products and Services

We offer an entire line of parts and accessories for every machine we sell. When you buy an Abrasive Blast System or Dust Collector from ICM, you can rest assured that maintenance can be performed, and parts replaced, easily and affordably. With the ICM “No Orphans” policy, there is no such thing as a discontinued ICM replacement part. We continue to support equipment we built half a century ago. Extraordinary in this day and age!

Manufacturing Processes

ICM manufactures abrasive blasting systems, cyclone reclaimers and dust collection equipment of exceptional quality and value.

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Company Name: ICM Incorporated

Category: Machinery

Location: Norwalk, CA

Contact Person: Larry Watt

Phone: (562) 869-3004

Email: @



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