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International Composites Technologies

International Composites Technology, Inc. (ICT) designs, develops, tests and manufactures advanced composite structures for commercial and military applications, including aerospace parts, lightweight cargo systems, floor panels, very large shelter and trailer subassemblies, vehicle armor, and personnel protection. We develop and manufacture innovative and advanced composite products that protect our troops, strengthen aviation security, and make aircraft lighter, stronger, and more damage tolerant. Our wide-ranging products and innovative processing capability enable companies to do things more quickly, more efficiently, and competitively.

Products and Services

ICT designs and manufactures composite products and sub-assemblies for Aerospace, Armor Systems and Blast Containment and Industrial Shelters. From protective panels for mobile shelters, through qualification for HMVWW Ballistic Panels to the commercialization of Blast Resistant containers and structures, ICT responds with flexibility to customer challenges. Utilizing a trained workforce in our modern plant, ICT brings skill, speed and customer satisfaction to whatever product needs to be created.

Manufacturing Processes

ICT has a wide range of manufacturing capabilities from molding complex shapes and armor using thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials.

We specialize in custom materials formulation and perform physical, mechanical and structural testing. We manage and facilitate on- and off-site testing.

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Company Name: International Composites Technologies

Category: Paper

Location: Compton, CA

Contact Person: Rick Fingerhut

Phone: (310) 761-1640

Email: @



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