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Jaan Biotherapeutics, LLC

Jaan Biotherapeutics, LLC is a private company that is developing novel therapies to activate the cardiac regeneration process in diseased hearts using proprietary technology. The technology manipulates microRNAs to activate an endogenous cardiac muscle regeneration process which has been shut down in the adult human heart during evolution.

Our current focus is Ischemic Heart Disease, but the therapy can be applied to many cardiac diseases where cardiac muscle regeneration is required. 


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Establishment of a therapy that promotes endogenous cardiac myocyte regeneration in the ischemic heart to reduce infarct size offers a potential treatment of IHD, reducing morbidity and mortality. Inhibition of a specific combination of four mircroRNAs are critical regulators of cardiomyocyte dedifferentiation and heart regeneration in zebrafish and the sequences and target proteins are evolutionarily conserved in humans. In vivo manipulation of this molecular machinery using adeno associated viral delivery of inhibitors of the four microRNAs in mice with permanent left anterior descending (LAD) coronary artery ligation results in a reduction of infarct size, scarring and increases heart function up to 90 days following the infarction2. Jaan Biotherapeutics L.L.C. (JBT) has developed adeno associated viral constructs that expresses the four microRNA inhibitor sequences. Uniquely, injections of this virus directly into the myocardium reduce infarct size in our experimental murine model of IHD and constitute an ideal and innovative approach for regeneration of human cardiac myocytes adjunct with reperfusion therapy.

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Company Name: Jaan Biotherapeutics,LLC

Category: Chemical

Location: San Diego, CA

Contact Person: Dr. Bhawanjit Brar

Phone: 858-869-3564

Email: @



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