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Keith Company

Founded in 1954 by Wendell Keith Sr., Keith Company has evolved from its humble beginnings to become an industry leader in industrial manufacturing and support service, while also emerging as a quality brand name in the advanced ceramics, electronics, specialty metals, and advanced mineral industries. Keith Company has managed to hedge forward in all these fields while still remaining privately owned, allowing the company to maintain its intimate support and customer service for all of its clients.

Products and Services

What does Keith Company do? Keith Company engineers and builds furnaces, kilns, ovens, lehrs, and thermal oxidizers that are integrated with automation and data management systems. The nature of these systems is that they serve very technical and specialized niche market applications, and as a result there are only a handful of truly US based suppliers for these systems. Keith Company is proud of its American roots and has been a US company from its inception through today. Keith Company stays current with various specialized technical knowledge in order to ensure its clients will have a reliable local supplier for years to come. Keith Company maintains specialized knowledge in a myriad of fields including processing advanced materials, metals, specialty metals, advanced ceramics, electronic-materials, carbon and graphite, glass and more.

Manufacturing Processes

Keith Company specializes in supporting applications that require tight control of heating and cooling rates, temperature uniformity, process atmospheres, dew-points, process repeatability, integration of abatement systems, heat recovery systems, automation and more. As a result of the variety of technologies they excel in, Keith Company finds itself making many types of furnaces to order.

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Company Name: Keith Company

Category: Machinery

Location: Pico Rivera, CA

Contact Person: Chris Devito

Phone: (562) 948-3636

Fax: (562) 949-3696

Email: @



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