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Kittyhawk Products

Kittyhawk Products, a Hot Isostatic Pressing (H.I.P.) company is a woman owned, small business founded in 1981 by Lois, G.J., and Charles Barre' to provide service to the casting industry. The company operation began with a National Forge H.I.P. unit that has a working zone of 18”x 60″ capable of 15, 000 PSI and temperatures of 2350 degrees Fahrenheit. In 1986, Kittyhawk Products recognized the need for a larger furnace. A 40″ x 60″ vessel was commissioned and brought on line. This Conaway unit is capable of 2300 degrees Fahrenheit and 15, 000 PSI.

In 1995, Kittyhawk Products outgrew its facility and purchased its present location, doubling our square footage. This move also allowed Kittyhawk Products to upgrade to state of the art controls providing even better quality and service. In 1999 we bought a larger, third unit with a 46″ x 80″ capacity, tripling our total HIP capacity.

Kittyhawk Products will continually improve service effectively, to better satisfy the needs of its customers through fast turn-around of parts run to exact specifications. Our customers include companies from the aerospace, commercial, MIM, medical, military, automotive, and recreational industries. We are source approved by all the major prime contractors such as Honeywell, UTI Aerospace Systems, G.E., Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls Royce.


Products and Services

Hot Isostatic Pressing – What Is It?

HIPing is one of the answers to solving your precision and complex casting and manufacturing needs.

HIP is a production process of unique benefit in the precision casting, powder metal, metal bonding and ceramics industries. HIP improves the performance and yield of precision castings. HIP consolidates powders of metals, ceramics or carbides into fully dense, complex parts wit net or near net shapes. HIP is also used for diffusion bonding similar and dissimilar materials and for applying wear or corrosion resistant coatings to parts exposed to stringent operating conditions.

Hot Isostatic Pressing is a process in which components are subjected to the simultaneous application of heat and high pressure in an inter gas medium. The pressure is uniform in all directions or isostatic. Using hot isostatic pressure, the material is changed, in simpler terms, to a ‘plastic state', which collapses the voids. The clean surfaces of the voids bond together making the components or parts stronger. In most cases, voids that were collapsed do not change or alter the shape of the parts or components.

Hot Isostatic Pressing results in startling improvements in materials' mechanical properties, as well as significantly reduced scrap losses and decreased rework and weld repair. Of high significance is the marked reduction in the statistical spread or scatter usually associated with the cast material properties. The net result is improved reliability and efficiency of material utilization in case components.

Manufacturing Processes

Kittyhawk Products is proud of their ISO 9001:2008 AS9100 RV.C. certification. Kittyhawk Products is now NADCAP accredited for HIP. We are dedicated to providing fast, economical and innovative services to our customers.

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Company Name: Kittyhawk Products

Category: Fabricated Metal Products

Location: Garden Grove, CA

Contact Person: Denise Poor

Phone: 714-895-5024

Email: @



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