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Metropolis Baking Company

Metropolis Baking Company is a wholesale state-of-the art premium bakery in Berkeley, California, with over 23 years experience baking fresh handmade breads and baked goods, and primarily specialize in traditional, regional Italian breads and Kosher baked products. We are committed to a high-quality product, so our baking processes use extended fermentation time for full, robust flavor in each of our breads. This, coupled with our commitment to customer service, makes us the perfect choice for your home or restaurant.

We are proud of our high-quality, all natural products. All of our breads are vegan except for our Challah (which contains eggs). There are no preservatives, artificial flavors or dough conditioners in any of our breads.

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Company Name: Metropolis Baking Company

Category: Food Manufacturing

Location: Berkeley, CA

Contact Person: Robin Alexander

Phone: 510-848-7263

Email: @


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