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Minus K Technology, Inc.

Minus K Technology manufactures vibration isolators that employ a patented revolutionary Negative-Stiffness technology in low-frequency vibration isolation. Negative-Stiffness vibration isolators are low-cost, easy to use, passive, vacuum and cleanroom adaptable, and require no air or electricity. 

They are ideal for SPMs (AFMs, STMs, NSOMs, etc.), SEMs, TEMs, micro-hardness testers, lasers, and other instruments used in metrology and microscopy. Minus K's isolators also offer significant advantages for patch clamping, electrophysiology, fluorescent dye imaging, other applications in biology and neuroscience, and even high-end audio. 

Minus K has manufactured custom vibration isolators for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), German Center for Aerospace (DLR), European Space Research and Technology Centre/European Space Agency (ESTEC/ESA) and six custom 10, 000 lb. capacity isolators for National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) ground testing before the launch of the telescope in 2018. 

Products include bench top platforms, workstations, optical tables and floor platforms. Standard systems handle from 1 lb to more than 1000 lbs. Guaranteed 1/2 Hz natural frequencies making them effective against low-frequency building vibrations. 

Minus K's vibration isolators are typically 10 to 100 times better than air tables, depending on the vibration frequency, and even better than the higher-priced active systems. Over 2, 000 scientists in 51 countries have selected Minus K's isolators for their labs.

Products and Services

Low frequency vibration isolation products: Bench Tops, Work Stations, Optical Tables, Floor Platforms,  Multi-Isolator and Custom Systems.

Manufacturing Processes

Steel and Aluminum fabrication.

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Company Name: Minus K Technology,Inc.

Category: Miscellaneous

Location: Inglewood

Contact Person: Steve Varma

Phone: (310) 348-9656

Email: @


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An introduction to Minus K Technology's negative-stiffness isolators

Minus K Isolator in use within a production line


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