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Mystic, Inc.

+MYSTIC+ Los Angeles is and has been established as a leader in women's apparels. From the conceptual stages of design, pre-production to finished product, our clothing is hand-crafted at our facility in the Fashion & Arts District of Los Angeles, California. Started in 1992 in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, +MYSTIC+ Los Angeles & Mystic has 21+ years of experience and has grown considerably, now proudly being able to proclaim itself as a leading domestic and successful women's apparel manufacturer company in California. This was possible because of the immense emphasis we place in delivering the highest quality in-trend clothing within production deadlines.

+MYSTIC+ Los Angeles continues to thrive today finding a place amongst the largest department stores in the U.S. and Worldwide.


Products and Services

Made in USA, Hand Crafted in Los Angeles - 

Our deep love for design tells the story of our 20-year commitment to this industry and our passion to create garments that inspire connection, which inspires us to keep making dresses which are visually absorbing for the women who wear them. We give careful thought to every fabric and trim: These elements invite us to stay connected and discover. When our mind engages the senses, inspiration and action, it results in emotionally satisfying interactions devoted to appeal to the desirability and glamour of the feminine allure. The psychology of connection, of human relationship to the material world, enchants us. What prompts someone to identify with a place? What makes a person choose one garment over another, or one brand instead of another? Without a passion for design, we can't answer those questions.

Great design pursues us. It is genuine and timeless. It draws us in, framing the way we see the world. It rearranges the chaos of consumer life, effortlessly. Design creates the environment for us to connect. Design is emotion - it connects us to a person, creates a sense of pride and ownership, and influences the decisions we make, the fascination of beauty.

We create a sense of warmth, intimacy and familiarity, which naturally fosters meaningful social interaction and the Mystique of sexy

Manufacturing Processes

Design, Pattern Making, Sample and full Manufacturing Operations in Los Angeles, for our Private Label and own Brands.

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Company Name: Mystic, Inc.

Category: Apparel

Location: Los Angeles

Contact Person: Daniel Priano

Phone: 213-614-1170

Email: @



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