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Oxigraf, Inc.

Oxigraf is the leading manufacturer of laser absorption spectroscopy sensors for oxygen gas measurement and analysis. Fast response time and long life make our sensors ideally suited for many applications in the fields of healthcare, research, process control, manufacturing, and aerospace. Oxigraf has been doing business for over 20 years and is located in Sunnyvale, CA in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. Eight key patents covering the laser gas sensor technology are licensed to Oxigraf.

Products and Services

Oxygen Sensors, Oxygen Analyzers, Oxygen Deficiency Monitor, CPET, O2-CO2 Analyzers, Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Test Analyzer , Capnography, Purge Verification and Contamination Control, Air Separation and Industrial Gas Production, Dense Pneumatic Conveying, Medical Oxygen Transfilling, Aerospace – Flight and Ground Test, Oxygen Monitor, Pharmaceutical Research, Production, and Packaging, Cardio Fitness Testing, OBOGS Monitoring, Dust Explosion Oxygen Safety Monitor, Quantum Computer Helium Laboratory, Oxygen Detector, Hazardous Area Oxygen Analyzers, Industrial Process Oxygen Analyzers, CO2 Analyzer, and CO2 Sensor

Manufacturing Processes

Electronics assembly, manufacturing of instruments, sensor fabrication, testing. Oxigraf expertise relates to the design, assembly, burn-in, and test of laser diode, optical, gas sensor, and gas sampling assemblies.

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Company Name: Oxigraf, Inc.

Category: Analytical Laboratory Equipment

Location: Sunnyvale

Contact Person: Dietrich von Diemar

Phone: 650-237-0155

Email: @


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