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Pierco Beekeeping Equipment

In 1977, a beekeeper from Upland, California with a knack for inventions named Paul Pierce was tired of his wood frames with wax foundation. He was constantly spending time tending to the frames instead of his bees and they were easily mangled during transport and harvesting. Paul thought; why not make the frame and foundation all in one, out of a durable material that could withstand the rigors of commercial beekeeping? And that is when the idea for the one-piece Pierco frame was born. Paul contacted renowned Southern California plastics expert Edward Fleming and the two collaborated to develop the industry's first plastic frame. The rest, as they say, is history.

Products and Services

The original Pierco One-Piece Frame & Foundation started it all. Invented by Paul Pierce in Upland, California and first manufactured by Ed Fleming in 1977, Pierco revolutionized the beekeeping industry with a true innovation in beekeeping technology. Soon after, Snap-In Foundations and One-Piece Drone Frames followed to round out our full line of top-notch plastic hive products. Pierco's are proven to increase honey production, combat pests, and save time (& money!). Our premium cell definition, legendary durability, and well-known strength are unmatched in the industry and loved by backyard, sideliner, and commercial beekeepers alike. Often imitated but never duplicated, Pierco is the leading choice among demanding beekeepers that recognize quality and value. 

Manufacturing Processes

Pierco products are manufactured in the USA in our Riverside, California plant. Frame or foundation, black or white, waxed or unwaxed, insist on nothing but the best for your bees… Insist on genuine Pierco Beekeeping Equipment.

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Company Name: Pierco Beekeeping Equipment

Category: Miscellaneous

Location: Riverside, CA

Contact Person: John Caron

Phone: 909-251-7100

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