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Plas-Ties manufactures the highest quality twist tying machines to help your company accelerate product bundling, minimize manual labor and elevate your productivity.

For over 50 years, Plas-Ties has been a leading manufacturer of twist-tying machinery and is committed to optimizing solutions to your packaging and bundling needs. Using cutting-edge technology, Plas-Ties has designed machines to improve production and employee safety. The efficiency of twist-tying machines increase productivity by working faster than tedious hand tying while decreasing employee fatigue. The twist-tying machines are ideal for securing cable, wires, cords, hangers, agricultural bundles, produce and bags of food from 3/8” up to 8” in diameter. The efficiency and convenience of Plas-Ties twist-tying machines provide secure solutions for your tying requirements.

Customer Benefits:

  • Same day custom quote
  • Personal account manager
  • Bilingual customer service representatives
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Expedited shipping
  • Largest variety of twist tie machinery
  • Made in the USA

Machine Features:

  • Twist Tying with speed and precision
  • Faster than hand-tying with an air-tight seal
  • All-metal, industrial frames
  • Portable, accommodates various workstations
  • Printer accessory for customized applications
  • Easy to use with several spool varieties; from elegant to heavy-duty

Products & Services:

The TIE-MATIC HD SERIES of machines offer speed and portability with tying speeds of up to 60 ties per minute with 2 1/2 secure twists.

  • Tie-Matic HD38
    • 3/8” maximum capacity
    • Ideal for baked goods closures
  • Tie-Matic HD58
    • 5/8” maximum capacity
    • Perfect for small poly bags & cables
  • Tie-Matic HD78
    • Has a 7/8” maximum capacity guide
    • Designed to accommodate small bundles of wire

The XL SERIES of twist tie machines provide industrial strength closures with versatility and precision.

  • XL2 Twist Tying Machine
    • Has a maximum capacity of 2”
    • Expertly bundles cables with ease

  • XLS-3 with Smart Post
    • Newest addition to the XL Twist Tying Machine Lineup.
    • With the Smart Post, your small diameter products are quickly bundled

  • XLS-4 Smart Tyer
    • Has a 4” maximum capacity with an on-board Programming Logic Board
    • Allows for user control over the # of twists, speed and tie tension
    • Delicate products requiring a loose tie would benefit greatly from the PLC driven controls. 
  • XL8 Air Ring Tyer
    • 100% air-driven, industrial workhorse
    • Self-Adjusting Ring options up to 8”
    • Can bundle objects from 1-8”


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Company Name: Plas-Ties

Category: General Purpose Machinery

Location: Tustin, CA

Contact Person: Carlos Contreras

Phone: 714-542-4487

Email: @


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