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Polar Power Inc.

Polar Power designs and manufactures power and cooling systems for targeted market applications. In particular, we offer DC power systems, DC hybrid power systems, and DC solar hybrid power systems for telecommunications, military, renewable energy, marine, automotive and oil field applications. Our solutions provide reliable and low-cost energy for applications that do not have access to the utility grid or will continue to power applications in the event of utility grid failure.

Products and Services

DC Generators

The Polar DC Generators are designed and optimized to deliver high currents at low voltages which is required for battery charging and operating DC loads. No battery chargers or power supplies are required. 

Back-up DC Generators

Telecom site optimization is best met with the DC generator technology as the loads and batteries are DC. It makes no sense to install an AC generator and convert the output to DC.  Polar can save considerable time and cost in permitting, installing, purchasing, and maintaining a backup generator. We reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs while improving backup reliability.

Hybrid Power Systems

Designed to support 100% network up-time, Polar Hybrid is a hybrid power system for off-grid and unreliable grid cell sites that cuts diesel-related costs by up to 85%. Polar Hybrid can work as a fuel-battery hybrid system (diesel, NG or LPG + LiFePO4 or other chemistries), or with any combination of grid or renewable energy sources and diesel generator back-up.

Li-Ion battery system

Polar Power is now providing Lithium Ion Iron Phosphate Batteries with its Power Systems. Polar DC Generators can monitor charging and discharging of Lithium Ion Batteries on a cell by cell basis using an advanced Battery Management System (BMS).

Marine DC Generators

Our D power systems are used for “series” hybrid electric propulsion and powering air-conditioning and electrical appliances. Our power systems can reduce thousands of pounds of payload from the vessel.

Manufacturing Processes

Electronic assembly.

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Company Name: Polar Power Inc.

Category: Transportation Equipment

Location: Gardena, CA

Contact Person: Luis Zavala

Phone: 310-830-9153

Email: @



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