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Preproduction Plastics, Inc.

Our mission is to be a high performance leader manufacturing large structural plastic parts, and to be the reliable partner of choice with all of our customers.

PPI operates within 45,000 square feet of total plant area, which covers our entire mold making, molding, part finishing, assembly, and warehouse activity. This makes us unique in the industry, and positions us to give our customers the attention, quality and service they desire.

We help customers select the molding process that best fits their applications, budget and product life span. If you would like more information on whether your project fits one of our processes please contact us.

Products and Services

PPI offers you more value than a traditional injection molder. With our contract manufacturing capabilities, we will manage the inventory, supply chain, and assembly operations to help you achieve a cost effective product. These services range from ultrasonic inserts to complete enclosure assemblies. With our KANBAN and dock-to-stock programs, you can take advantage of PPI managing the inventory needed, and you can focus on your core competencies.

Here are some specific services we offer:

In-House Tooling: We are specialists in quicker turnaround aluminum tooling. Applying CAD/CAM technology enhances accuracy and speed. We have state-of-the-art CNC machines for a wide range of molds, and we offer a mold maintenance program.

Painting and Finishing: Multicolor pad printing, multicolor silkscreen, and hot stamp.

Manufacturing Processes

Early Involvement, Early Consultation in Part Design: After your initial part design has been established, it needs to be optimized for manufacturing. PPI can assist in part design, and we are ready to share our expertise in mold making, molding and part finishing during this phase to help meet your quality and cost expectations. Working with us early in your design efforts will speed up the entire process, which leads to greater project success.

Product Development and Analysis: During this phase PPI works with you to determine the optimum material, molding process, secondary issues, paint and finish requirements, and packaging options. Our 30 years of experience and our continued commitment to new manufacturing techniques gives you many options to meet your functionality, ergonomic and performance needs.

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