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R&D Fasteners

R&D Fasteners is a hot forging company who serves a wide range of industries. You can find us in the shipyards of Virginia and the energy platforms of Texas. We are part of the bridges of San Francisco and the wastewater treatment plants across the United States. Our areas of expertise include hot forging, CNC machining, threading, and custom processes. R&D Fasteners traditionally serves the construction and waterworks industries, and has aggressively expanded to manufacture products for the military and energy industries.


Products and Services

From carbon steel to exotics, from studs to bolts and nuts, from 12-points to specials, R&D Fasteners supplies a wide range of fasteners, and we are eager to meet your needs.

Manufacturing Processes

Forging: 1/4"-4" Diameter (8mm-100mm) Threading: 1/4"-4" Diameter (8mm-100mm) CNC Machining Secondary Machining: Tapping, Slotting, Center less Grinding and Bending.

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Company Name: R&D Fasteners

Category: Fabricated Metal Products

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Contact Person: Robert Molina

Phone: 800-884-8712

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