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Redhead Revolution

A few years ago I began making my own cosmetics in order to compensate for what I couldn‰ŰŞt find on the market. As a ginger girl, I never wore much makeup growing up because I didn‰ŰŞt know what would work with my pale skin and bright red hair. Foundations were too heavy for my freckly skin, mascaras too dark for my fair lashes, and, as for lipstick, I had absolutely no idea! Then, one day, tired of all the failed makeup purchases, I took matters into my own hands. And that‰ŰŞs how Redhead Revolution was born‰Ű_. at least that‰ŰŞs the short version anyways. Now the Redhead Revolution team and I work tirelessly to bring you the most amazing products- made specifically for redheads!

Products and Services

Mascara, Lip Products, Brow Gel, Eyeshadow - All for Redheads!

Manufacturing Processes

Formulation, Assembly

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Company Name: Redhead Revolution

Category: Toilet Preparation (Cosmetics)

Location: San Diego

Contact Person: Katelin Loveless

Phone: (530) 355-9758

Email: @



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