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Samson Pharmaceuticals

Samson Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a Pharmaceutical company focused on producing OTC Drugs, Nutrition and Nutraceutical Products, Cosmetics, and Industrial Items located in Commerce, CA. We offer a wide range of reliable products under cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and toiletries and have the capabilities to customize and tailor to your specific needs. Examples of our most popular products include: Eyelash growth serum, Eye drops (prescription and OTC), High SPF sunscreen, balms, hand sanitizer, body lotions, nasal sprays, ear drops, facial lotions, and shampoos.

Products and Services

We specialize in manufacturing products that are trendy and made from natural sources. Our cosmetic brands are tailored for demanding consumers and are made with high-quality and locally sourced materials (when possible).

Manufacturing Processes

Liquid filling, loose or viscous liquids. Bottle and jar filling with cap or pump with or without heat induction- 100ml to 1, 000ml on piston type filling and gravity type. Vial filling glass or plastic small bottles sizes 10ml to 100ml (not piston type, only loose liquid). Inline homogenizer mixer.

Contact This Manufacturer

Company Name: Samson Pharmaceuticals

Category: Chemical

Location: Commerce, CA

Contact Person: Georgio Moussan

Phone: (949) 463-6180

Email: @



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