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San Diego Soy Dairy

San Diego Soy Dairy is one of Southern California's premier plant-based organic food makers. We believe that we are truly making a positive difference by providing high quality products with reduced impact on the environment, positive health benefits, and supportive of the local economy and community. We are locally owned and operated, San Diego Soy Dairy is proud to serve Southern California for over 35 years.

Products and Services

We are the unique manufacturer of Organic and Non-Gmo Nigari Tofu. Our tofu is known for its firmness, great texture and taste quality. Some say it is the best tofu on the planet!

Manufacturing Processes

Our tofu is made of 3 ingredients: Filtered water, Soybeans and Nigari (seasalt extract). The soybeans are ground down, the milk extracted, curded by hand, then molded and cut and packaged by hand. There are may different applications for it. It can be grilled, used in baking for a egg substitute, sauteed and used many other ways; the possibilities are endless!

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Company Name: San Diego Soy Dairy

Category: Food Manufacturing

Location: El Cajon

Contact Person: Dana Minadeo

Phone: 619-447-8638

Email: @


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