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SpaceCam Systems, Inc.

SpaceCam is the foremost aerial imaging company in the motion picture industry offering the widest range of film format and high-end HD stabilized equipment in the industry. Established in 1989, SpaceCam is located in Westlake Village, California and has 10 employees. Through constant evolution, SpaceCam has captured industry standards for performance, flexibility and reliability. This, coupled with unrivaled customer and logistical support makes SpaceCam the clear choice for the majority of productions.

Products and Services

SpaceCam specializes in the manufacturing of custom engineered stabilized systems. SpaceCam has received an Academy Award for Scientific and Engineering Achievement and holds 4 patents from the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States. All helicopter mounts require a Standard Type Certificate or Supplementary Type Certificate. SpaceCam has extensive knowledge and experience in acquiring STC's for all its mounts.

Manufacturing Processes

The manufacturing process starts with R&D and creating a conceptual design that is then designed in SolidWorks along with all its assembly and sub-assembly parts. Those files are then programmed for CNC machining. The machined parts are then anodized, coated and engraved accordingly prior to assembly. Concurrently the electronics and controls are custom designed and manufactured. All mechanical and electronic assemblies are then brought together at SpaceCam for the final assembly of the product.

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Company Name: SpaceCam Systems, Inc.

Category: Machinery

Location: Westlake Village, CA

Contact Person: Joanne Adalid

Phone: (818) 889-6060

Email: @



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