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Specialty Motors

Specialty Motors designs and manufactures custom fractional horsepower DC motors used in a wide range of applications. The company maintains an experienced engineering design team to provide customers with the best motor solutions, including brush, brushless, wound field or integrated motion control designs. Rapid development and prototyping are a specialty. As a US manufacturer with a focus on short lead times and smaller volume runs, Specialty Motors also provides an ideal inventory solution that allows customers to carry less inventory.

Products and Services

The company specializes in designing and manufacturing DC motors built to our customers' unique requirements. Our expertise lies in working with customers to develop optimum motion control solutions. Our in-house machine shop supports a rapid prototyping capability, and our manufacturing capability is built on a lean manufacturing philosophy. Our patented I2 motor is a fully integrated servo control system in one compact package that can be programmed with a PC. It cuts system development time to a fraction of component systems.

Manufacturing Processes

Engineering design, rapid prototyping, automated armature winding, BLDC stator winding, machining, powder coating, assembly, automated testing.

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Company Name: Specialty Motors

Category: Electrical Equipment

Location: Valencia, CA

Contact Person: Brad Spahr

Phone: (661) 257-7388

Email: @



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