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Spectradyne LLC

Spectradyne is revolutionizing the way particles are measured in a diverse set of industries including pharmaceuticals, life science research and industrial materials development. Its technology uses a unique microfluidics-based, electrical method for measurement that delivers fast and accurate sample analysis using a tiny fraction of the sample volume required by other techniques. The company was founded in 2013 as a spin-out from the University of California Santa Barbara, where two of its cofounders invented the core technology.

Products and Services

Spectradyne's nCS1 instrument is a bench top laboratory instrument that counts and measures the size of particles a few tens of nanometers to 10 microns in diameter in a liquid. The Spectradyne team has expertise in microfluidics design and manufacturing, low noise electronic instrumentation and particle analysis. Spectradyne has exclusive license to its core issued patents from the University of California Regents, and owns a number of other patents pending.

Manufacturing Processes

Particle analysis for quality control, drug formulation and development, and basic research in life sciences and materials sciences.

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Company Name: Spectradyne LLC

Category: Analytical Laboratory Equipment

Location: Torrance

Contact Person: Jean-Luc Fraikin

Phone: 424-271-9262

Email: @


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