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Tioga Research

Tioga Research is exclusively focused on products applied to the skin. With more than a decade of experience, Tioga Research is widely considered to have world-leading capabilities in formulation innovation and skin delivery screening. These capabilities are evidenced in a body of patents and patent applications (assigned to clients) claiming topical and transdermal formulations, in unique capabilities for screening the interaction of formulations with the skin using high throughput experimentation (“HTE”) platforms, and by an extensive track record of successful project executions.

Leading pharmaceutical and beauty care companies look to Tioga Research, a contract research organization (“CRO”), as a preferred outsourcing partner. Tioga Research is chosen to undertake R&D of topical drug products, transdermal drug products, prestige cosmetics, personal care products, and certain medical devices. In the pharmaceutical arena, Tioga Research is positioned to advance a program from concept to the point of investigational new drug application (“IND”), or to complete, in a cost-effective manner, one or more components in between.

Tioga Research has laboratory and office facilities in San Diego, CA. San Diego hosts some 330 life sciences CROs and Tioga Research has close relationships with partners with GMP manufacturing and bioanalytical capabilities. Our management team includes topical formulation experts with decades of industry experience, pioneers of high throughput experimentation, veterans of analytical, quality and Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (“CMC”) fields in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs and operations managers. Our core team is supplemented by a network of consultants and advisors and third party collaborations. We have delivered premier services to clients since 2002.

Products and Services

Main Offerings:

CRO services in the research and early development of skin-applied products, specializing in formulation innovation and skin permeation screening. With more than a decade of experience, we offer CRO services in support of topical drug products, transdermal drug products, prestige cosmetics, personal care products, and skin-applied medical device fields. Should we be tasked by a client with development of a new skin-applied drug product, from concept through to investigational new drug application (“IND”) filing, the process would typically entail (for a 505(b)(2) submission).

Other Offerings:

New high throughput experimentation (“HTE”) technologies for discovery and screening
Conceptualization, prototyping, implementation and validation of conventional and HTE platforms for screening membrane permeabilization and permeation, with a particular emphasis on replicating the fidelity of conventional techniques, yet achieving throughput gains of 2-120 fold

R&D of Generic Drug Products
Reverse engineering of a current or prospective product, using analytical methods to ascertain, or literature research, to infer formulation composition; replication of an innovator composition; devising and verifying novel compositions that offer freedom to operate by circumventing patent claims

Screening delivery of cosmeceuticals
Measurements of delivery of a cosmeceutical active into the skin compartments and through the skin

Manufacturing Processes

We deliver R&D services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, personal & beauty care clients worldwide.

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Company Name: Tioga Research

Category: Research & Development

Location: San Diego, CA

Contact Person: John Newsam

Phone: 858-202-1657

Email: @


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