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Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc.

Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of skid-mounted, fully automated pH adjustment systems, heavy metal/fluoride removal systems, chemical/solvent collection cabinets & pump lift stations.

Wastech has been in business for 29 years and serves industrial customers in the following industries: Pharma & Biotech, Semiconductor & Microelectronics, Solar, Specialties & Nanotech, Medical Devices, Food & Beverage, Aerospace, Power Generation & Energy, Oil & Chemical Manufacturing and National & University Research Labs.


Products and Services

Products: Industrial and Laboratory pH Adjustment Systems, Heavy Metal Removal Systems, Fluoride Removal Systems, Aqueous Pump Lift Stations, Solvent Pump Lift Stations, Chemical Collection Cabinets, Solvent Collection Cabinets, Process Cooling Water Skids, Ion Exchange Systems, Chemical Dispense Skids, Vacuum Waste Concentration Skids, Control Panel Fabrication

Services: Specification Development, Process & Equipment Design, System Documentation, Design Drawings, Installation Instructions, Operation & Maintenance Manuals, Software Development, Factory Acceptance Testing, Installation Supervision/Support, Start-Up and Commissioning, After Sales Service/Support, Replacement Parts & Consumables

Manufacturing Processes

Complete process system integration, including packaged system design, fabrication, testing and delivery.

Process, mechanical, electrical & controls engineering. Project management. CNC capabilities, plastic welding, piping, control panel assembly, wiring.

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Company Name: Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc.

Category: Machinery

Location: Chatsworth, CA

Contact Person: Matt Pfingsten

Phone: 818-998-3500

Email: @


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continuous pH Adjustment System 
Dual Drum Solvent Collection Cabinet
(includes Solvent Pump Lift Station)
Packaged Vacuum Waste
Concentration System

pH Adjustment - From Wastech Controls & Engineering