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3 Signs You Need Help with Your Manufacturing Technology

Posted by Ellen McKewen

Technology has progressively improved over the past few decades. According to, manufacturing technology can be defined as:

"The field of study focused on improvement of manufacturing processes, techniques, or equipment in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency, enhance reliability, or to incorporate safety and anti-pollution measures."

For example, we feel the effects of technology’s Manufacturing_Technology-1advancements everyday in our homes, when we use our dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, computers, smart phones, and the list continues.

This technological progress has also made valuable improvements in the manufacturing industry, stemming from research and development to production, and carrying through to logistics and delivery. Some improvements are shown in additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

Maintaining the proper functions of manufacturing technology is vital to ensuring a well-maintained manufacturing process.

We’ve provided a list of three signs that your organization needs help with its manufacturing technology, and explain the repercussions of not addressing these issues on your organization’s manufacturing process.

The 3 Signs:

1. Lengthy production times or product inaccuracies  

Implementing an automated assembly line or control system reduces the time used in production and the accuracy of replicating a product’s appearance and function.

If you see a lengthy, or unusual amount of time spent in production metrics (without seeing the associated product turn out) or are having increased product variation turn out, you are likely experiencing errors in your automated assembly line or control system.

2. Network and system errors

Computer and information technology, also known as IT, are considered to be the brains of any operation, which are important aspects of the manufacturing process and keys for manufacturing technology.

Networks, programs and computer systems are likely to experience glitches or troubleshooting errors when integrating or changing platforms from time to time, prolonging or misinterpreting productivity and metrics.

The best solution for these types of errors is staying proactive; having services that provide IT strategy, disaster recovery, business systems assessment analysis and recommendations. These are some of the IT services and management that CMTC provides for California manufacturers.

3. Receive the stamp of approval

Product and network productivity are essential to organizations in the manufacturing industry. However, updating your machinery and certifications to meet compliance with government and environmental safety standards is equally important to the manufacturing process.

Not updating old machinery in a timely manner could result in laggard product turn out.  It is also important to update your organization’s technologies to maintain OSHA and environmental health and safety standards in addition to producing quality products.

Continual Efficiency of Manufacturing Technology

Technological improvements over the past few decades have made our daily tasks easier and much more efficient; from washing dishes to communicating with coworkers, technology has provided a multitude of benefits for our daily lives.

However, technology is not only improving our personal lives, but also evolving our professional lives as well.

Manufacturing technology has benefited greatly from these advancements which make the manufacturing and distribution process, from research and development to logistics and delivery, more efficient and cost effective. 

Identifying the signs of distressed manufacturing technology processes is important for maintaining an efficient and well-oiled manufacturing operation, meeting OSHA and other compliance standards, and avoiding lengthy production schedules, network downtime or system errors. 

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