As a professional in the manufacturing industry, the idea of integrating online marketing strategies with your current framework may seem foreign or even unnecessary. That’s understandable. However, when the proper components are implemented, the possibilities of improved customer service and increased number of clients soon become crystal clear.

Some manufacturers enjoy staying the course by only focusing on what has been working for them marketing-wise. And although this may be working, it may be time to try something that will take your firm to the next level with new age marketing techniques.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the crucial online marketing tactics that could change for the better the way your manufacturing company works.

Effective online marketing can give your manufacturing company an advantage over your competitors.

Update Your Website

At the very least, your manufacturing company should have an online presence so potential new customers can be assured that you exist. Maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing website goes a long way in keeping customers on your page. Navigating your homepage should be easy and the content should be enticing and informative enough so new customers learn to trust your services.

Beyond the visual aspect, your website is considerably more valued when it ranks high on search engines. In order to do this, you must implement keywords that apply to your field of expertise and ones that relate to what your clients are looking for. Maximizing the use of search terms gives you the upper hand on the internet that your competitors may not be able to match. In short, the importance of these keywords should not be underestimated.

There are several online resources that can help you insert keywords and there are many inbound marketing companies that can also aide you in setting up a fully-functional and optimized web presence.

Have Customers See You in Action

Customers who are on the fence when they have to choose between two companies’ services take many things into account before they make their decision. One of the questions they ask themselves is “how well do I know this company?” as that goes a long way in determining if they should do business with you.

One way we suggest to get them to know you is through video. For example, you could answer some frequently asked questions in video format that detail the process of making your product, explain what makes your company different, showcase your team members and even highlight your success by including your satisfied clients.

Better Serve Your Current Clients

On your website, give your clients a way to reach you after hours. Add a contact form that can serve two purposes: 1) collect information from potential leads and 2) collect questions, comments and concerns from current clients so you can solve their issues quickly. By showing your customers that you care about their needs, even when you’re not on the clock, goes a long way in building your reputation and making customers more likely to spread the word about you.

Blogging, contact forms and video content increase a website's rank, which in turn, help drive traffic to your company.

Impress the Web & Your Visitors by Blogging

By posting consistent blog content that’s filled with helpful and easily-digestible knowledge, you’ll help your ranking and educate your clients at the same time. By creating this constant feed, both clients and leads alike will consider you a valued resource that they can count on.

In the same way that you read this blog, your clients will read yours and will gain a better understanding of how you operate, what your priorities are and if your services will match their needs. This type of connection between consumer and service provider is priceless and the amount of business that may come from it will be well worth the price.

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