Cutting_Edge_Women_in_Manufacturing.jpgMany people may make assumptions about women and manufacturing. They may not realize that women have moved into a variety of manufacturing industries and produce products just like their male counterparts. More than likely, you might envision them to be working in apparel, food or beauty product industries. But, in today's world, manufacturing has a new face.

Over the next couple of months, CMTC is going to show you a variety of women-owned manufacturing organizations in California that just might alter the way you perceive women-owned manufacturing companies.

Women are more frequently obtaining higher education degrees and impacting the workforce in tremendous ways--especially in the manufacturing industry.

Research shows that there has been an increase of approximately 40 million women in the manufacturing industry between 1964 and 2010.

In what has been traditionally perceived as a male-oriented industry, manufacturing has an influx of women who have created noteworthy strides within the manufacturing industry. We don't have space to recognize all of the women-owned manufacturers in California, but we do want to recognize their contribution to the state and to the manufacturing industry. 

Our Sample Top Five

CMTC proudly serves as a consulting non-profit organization to a diverse array of manufacturers in California. We wanted to take some time and highlight some cutting edge manufacturing organizations in California that you might not have thought were women-owned

  1. 3-D Precision Machine, Inc.: Linda Luoma is the president of this woman-owned small business, which was founded in 2005. Specializing in everything from prototyping to production of precision machined components, 3-D Precision offers precision machining for all applications, including the military, aerospace, medical and commercial fields. They feature state-of-the-art software that ensures clients receive a completed and machined part that meets exact requirements. You can click here to learn more about 3-D Precision Machine, Inc.

  2. Manzke Machine, Inc.: This small business is co-owned by Jennifer Manzke and based out of Escondido California. They specialize in taking prototypes to production. Manzke Machine is a precision machine shop capable of design and engineering. To learn more about Manzke Machine, Inc., you can click here to explore their capabilities.

  3. S. Bravo Systems: Paola Bravo was named President and co-owner of S. Bravo Systems in 2010. She has grown with the company since 1992, working in various positions throughout the company. She later became the Vice President of Operations and would eventually be named the President and co-owner. Bravo Systems is a Made in the USA accredited manufacturer of high performance secondary containment systems for the petroleum equipment industry. They aim to solve customer issues and help their clients achieve rapid ROI and reduce overall costs. If you want to know more about how Paola has impacted S. Bravo Systems, you can click here for her corporate biography.

  4. Nexus Plastics California, Inc.: This is a Tier 1 certified blown film manufacturer owned by Kariman Sholakh. They create a perfect balance of quality, competitiveness, customer service, on-time delivery and consistency. By clicking here, you can learn more about Nexus Plastics.

  5. Skyco Shading Systems, Inc.: Owned by Sandra Young and founded in 1994; this organization is based in Santa Ana, CA. Skyco makes custom motorized and manual window covering products for both the commercial and residential markets. They specialize in energy efficient shading products for interior and exterior applications with a focus on motorization and green energy solutions for projects in Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial, and Education Facilities. To learn more about their architectural shading solutions click here.

A Woman’s Perspective

"It's a man's world" is no longer the tune in manufacturing.  As you can see, women are making pivotal strides and having a great impact in manufacturing industries through working in and owning their companies. 

The Deloitte and Manufacturing Institute report mentioned in this Forbes article that:

“Over 75 percent of women surveyed agreed that a manufacturing career is interesting and rewarding, emphasizing compensation and opportunities for challenging assignments as the top reasons to stay in the industry.”

As a new workforce of millennials explodes over the next 10 years, how great would it be to see more young women in manufacturing careers.

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