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Any Day Can Be Manufacturing Day!

Posted by Marjorie Dunn


Manufacturing Day is “officially” the first Friday in October every year, making October 7th the official Manufacturing Day for 2016.  However, any day can be Manufacturing Day.  It doesn’t matter whether you participate on October 7th, or that same week, or even during the month of October … you can pick any day of the year that works best for you!

Why should you participate in Manufacturing Day?

Manufacturing-Day-Photo-from-Community-Planning-Guide-Screen-Capture.jpgManufacturing Day is about YOU as a manufacturer.  It’s your day to shine!  It’s your opportunity to let your community know what you do, to open your doors and be proud of your facility, and to acknowledge your employees for their contribution to your company’s success. 

Whether you host a plant tour at your facility, put on a career day, coordinate an employee appreciation luncheon, give a presentation on-site or at a local school or organization, or determine another creative way to participate, Manufacturing Day is your opportunity to be proud of what you do.  And, it’s your opportunity to inform, educate, and inspire others about your company and about manufacturing in general. 

Manufacturing Day was started five years ago as a nationwide event to celebrate manufacturing and to offer an avenue to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.  It’s about educating and informing students, teachers, parents, and your community about how manufacturing offers high-quality jobs and career choices to students.

Why does the perception of manufacturing need to change?

Participating is important because outdated perceptions about manufacturing need to be changed. Research shows that only 1 in 3 parents would recommend that their children pursue a career in manufacturing and only  one-half of Americans believe manufacturing jobs would be interesting and rewarding.  And that’s a problem. Manufacturing is already facing a shortage of workers and over the next decade it’s predicted that 3-1/2 million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled.  Analysts also predict that up to 2 million of those jobs will go unfilled due to the skills gap, leaving manufacturers with an inability to meet demand. Changing perceptions is important not only with respect to manufacturers being able to find skilled workers, but it’s important to every B2B and B2C consumer who eventually may not be able to find the products they want because there aren’t enough manufacturing workers available to produce them.

Start planning now.

MFGDAY16-WebBanner-300x250-VF.jpgNow that you know that any day can be Manufacturing Day, pick a day that works best for you and start planning how you would like to participate.  Whatever you do, make it a day to educate, inform, and inspire students, parents, teachers, and others in your community about manufacturing.

It's easy to get started!

Just go to and you’ll find a “Quick Start Guide,” a “Host Toolkit,” a “Plant Tour Guide,” … and so much more. 

Don't forget to register your event.

All events should be registered on the MFGDay website no matter what date they are scheduled.  By registering your event, it’ll be counted when the event totals are calculated and you can make a difference in showing that MFGDay 2016 was a huge success! And your company gets national recognition as well as California recognition!

Click here to see who’s already signed up in Southern California! 

Click to go the national MFG Day website to host your own MFG Day event

Watch CMTC's 2015 Manufacturing Day Event Video and Get Inspired! 




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