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Boost Your Google Ranking by Going Mobile

Posted by Ellen McKewen

April 21st is going to mark a major change in the ranking of websites using Google, the world’s top search engine. Beginning on that date, Google will take into account the mobile-friendly factor of each website to determine how well it ranks.

Fortunately for many companies, this newly-updated algorithm will run in real-time. This means that once Google crawls through your site and notices its mobile-friendliness, the search engine will rank it accordingly using the new search criteria.

What Does This All Mean?

For consumers, this is great news. It will be easier and quicker for Google users to sort through the most relevant websites that appease their needs while searching using their smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

On the other hand, for those providing the goods and services, this means it’s time to buckle down on optimizing your website for mobile consumption.
Beginning April 21, 2015, Google will include mobile-friendliness in ranking websites.

Google also notes that this new change will run on a “page-by-page” basis. This means that for the pages that are optimized for mobile use, these pages will be ranked using the new algorithm. However, for the pages that are not optimized for mobile use, their search results will fall towards the bottom due to other sites’ relevant pages that are friendly to the mobile user.

Changes are Coming to Apps, Too

Another change Google has already been implemented has to do with mobile apps. If your company has an Android app and if it’s indexed using the search engine’s App Indexing tool, then it will have a higher rank when searched on Google.

How Do I Know if My Site is Mobile-Friendly?

Fortunately, Google has made it easier for business owners to determine if their website is up to par on the mobile front. There are a few resources available that can simplify your transition into mobile-friendly online content. By visiting Google Developers mobile-friendly guide, you can take advantage of the information available to ensure your search results rank as high as they should.

You can also use their Mobile-Friendly Test and Mobile Usability Report to help you review any problems your site may encounter when being viewed on a cell phone or tablet.

We urge you to use this resources to stay up-to-date in the competitive field that is Google rankings. If your competitors’ website technology is lacking or if they don’t see the value in having an online presence, this is a crucial moment where you can take the lead in showing your company’s availability through the web.

Mobile-optimization is the future and it’s approaching pretty fast. With the helpful tips that Google provides, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to get your site up and running for the mobile users out there. As the number of online searches done on-the-go are increasing, this is your chance to meet these consumers halfway while benefitting your manufacturing company at the same time.

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