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California Manufacturing at its Finest

Posted by Gregg Profozich

As Director of Next Generation Strategy Programs at CMTC, I just read an insightful blog from the newest Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Director, Carroll Thomas. Her post re-instilled the dedication I have for our industry and reminded me of the great work that CMTC has accomplished, is working on and intends to continue in the future.

As its largest MEP center, CMTC is proud to serve Southern California manufacturers. MEP is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) and has served both small and medium-sized manufacturers for over 25 years.

Part of CMTC's main mission is to assist manufacturers in improving their operations through process improvements such as Lean and Quality certifications, as well as assisting them with growth initiatives -- whether it's exporting or helping them refine their sales and marketing processes.  We even help manufacturers with recruiting new talent in a shrinking pool of skilled workers. Our goal is to assist manufacturers in California and help them remain here.  

MEP’s priority mission is to be an organization that is truly for the American manufacturer. At CMTC, we take it a step further in catering our efforts to the great state of California.

Our state is home to over 30,000 manufacturers that employ over 1.4 million people. We’re proud that California’s manufacturing industry makes it possible for those 1.4 million individual people to pursue their passions and feed their families through careers in our dynamic manufacturing sector.


Making Progress One Step at a Time

California’s location, resources and workforce make it a strategic location for manufacturers of varying specialties to pursue their business goals. To showcase the strength of our industrial base, CMTC sponsors the Made in California program that recognizes manufacturers who produce products within our state.

As an example, CMTC has been working with an aftermarket manufacturer of custom fit carpet floor mats for passenger cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. The company enlisted the help of CMTC to learn how to optimize their production through Lean Manufacturing.

CMTC worked with the manufacturer to revamp their overall production process. This included reorganizing their equipment on the production floor to improve the flow of operations, resetting their machine locations and production lines, and removing unnecessary equipment and supplies. As a result, they were able to increase sales by $500K and achieve cost savings of $100K.  

Again, it’s about more than the simple increase in business. CMTC, along with MEP, are proud to be able to show manufacturers how to really tap into their full potential and maximize it within every department and employee.

You're Invited to Manufacturing Day 2015

And this is just one manufacturing story out of the hundreds that CMTC has delivered. In fact, to see more California manufacturing successes, you should make it a point to attend one of the many Manufacturing Day events in California. These events, which will take place on October 2, highlight California manufacturers who are making significant contributions to the California economy. These manufacturers will open their doors to showcase their facilities, invite students in to see the potential in a manufacturing career path and to show their communities the great work they do — whether it's making specialty vehicles for hospitals, rubber products, handmade paper or the machining of exotic alloys.  

MFG Day is designed to improve the public’s view of manufacturing careers and reiterate the industry’s value to the American economy — which is often taken for granted.

With the assistance of MEP and its new director, we at CMTC aim to continue assisting Southern California manufacturers reach their goals and improve their productivity while sharing their successes with the rest of the country. 

Gregg Profozich joined CMTC‘s executive team in January, 2015 and has a diverse background in lean manufacturing, operations, supply chain, strategy development and leadership.  

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