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6 Productivity Tips for Today’s Manufacturing CEO

Posted by Steven Brand

Productivity Concept.jpgWhen you’re the CEO in the manufacturing industry, you’re constantly short on time and have a completely full to-do list. If you’re working on a start-up or pioneering in a new industry, there can be a big menu of ideas. The following are helpful tips that business leaders can consider and apply to their daily workflow right now.

Productivity tip No.1: There’s an app for that

Time-management, information organization, ideas, travel and more – the list of important things that may be assisted with an app can save you time and space for mental bandwidth. New apps continue to pour into the market all the time! Just one, called Contactually, manages the numerous different people a CEO may meet throughout the week. A basic search online will yield options for your biggest priorities.

Productivity tip No.2: Be wary of too much multitasking

Multitasking may be the greatest temptation for a CEO. By now, you may have heard about the myth of multitasking. Research has shown that our brains never fully handle multiple things at once. Instead, we jump so quickly from one thing to the next (perhaps when you’re scrolling through emails while listening to a meeting) that we don’t notice we do both rather poorly.– We’re also prone to mistakes with diminished attention levels. If something is worth doing, try to give it your full attention.

Productivity tip No.3: Always be prioritizing.

It may sound simple, but staying consistent on this point can be difficult in practice. Most days, we all have a certain degree of difficulty staying focused on a given task, but CEOs usually have more on the plate than the average person. For a manufacturing CEO, that may be improving or maintaining process on the shop floor or new technology for workflow. Get in the habit of considering: “Is this a priority?”

Productivity tip No.4: Remember to delegate items that can be handled by others

Especially for founders of a company, that sense of ownership keeps you committed. The unfortunate corollary, however, is an urge to do everything yourself. Because so many things demand your attention, know when to delegate duties to your managers and other employees. That’s why you hired them!

Productivity tip No.5: Find time to be completely undistracted.

Have you ever read half a book or more on a long flight? The luxury of time allowed you to continue the plot through several chapters, offering a continuous reading experience of lasting value. The same could be said for important work tasks. If something is very important and time-sensitive, seclude yourself from distracting emails and people. You’ll not only have more time, but also more quality time.

Productivity tip No.6: Find fresh ways to stay on message.

This may apply to both the CEO and the team. It is one thing to repeat core values, for example, but finding new ways to express or illustrate their meaning keeps the message alive. If learning matters to you and your employees, read helpful literature and talk about it. Ask if they have read or learned anything recently. This may generate truly helpful ideas in streamlining processes, which may be incentivized and rewarded with financial bonuses.

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