Workplace safety is at the top of everyone's mind right now. Manufacturing facilities have opened up (if they shut down at all) and companies need to make sure they are in full compliance with CDC and OSHA regulations, and also meet the guidance coming from within their county

Most important, there is a requirement that every manufacturer maintain a COVID-19 facility risk assessment to identify the specific high-risk areas and conditions in their plants. Companies have already been required to maintain an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), so this should be a natural extension of that existing program. 

When designing processes for safety, the business leaders should consider how they would handle the situation if a specific position became infected with COVID-19. Think about the various interaction points of that job and determine if there are engineering or administrative controls that could be implemented (or changed) to reduce the possible spread of the virus.

Workplace Safety Measures for Manufacturers

Some of the workplace safety measures manufacturers need to be thinking about and implementing include: 

  • Installing additional sanitizing dispensers and guidelines (signage) for frequent cleaning on frequently-used surfaces and in common areas
  • Establishing an effective social distancing plan to help prevent the spread of the virus
  • Creating a plan for when visitors come into the facility
  • Developing protocols for decontaminating machinery/equipment, common areas, offices and other occupied areas
  • Identifying PPE needs
  • Protocol for when an employee tests positive for COVID-19
  • Information on employer or government-sponsored leave benefits that the employee may be entitled to receive

Learn Best Practices for Workplace Safety!

These are just a few points that company owners need to be considering in this new COVID-19 era. To get more in-depth guidance on reopening your facility or how to improve safety measures for your employees, you can download CMTC’s Return to Work Guide. In the COVID-19 Workplace Safety Webinar taking place on June 19, CMTC’s Eliot Dratch will also go over important points that manufacturers should be building into their workplace safety plans. 

The webinar will include CDC and Cal OSHA’s recommendations for manufacturers as well as best practices for handling time clocks, lockers, bathrooms, conference rooms, etc. There will also be a Q&A session so that all of the webinar attendees will be able to get personalized answers to their specific questions.

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