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LightGuard Systems, Inc.

For twenty-five years LightGuard Systems®—pioneers in traffic safety and category creators of lighted crosswalks—has helped cities, municipalities, schools, and traffic safety and transportation engineers build safer crossing environments for pedestrians, students, employees, the elderly and disabled. Customers choose LightGuard Systems for our easy-to-install, robust, reliable, and cutting-edge-technology systems, better pedestrian safety outcomes, and a safer, more effective public safety traffic calming method.

Products and Services

  • Lighted safety systems for crosswalk and pedestrian crossings
  • Automatic (sensors, radar) and manual activation devices that trigger a lighted crosswalk warning/control system’s blinking lights, and/or crosswalk WALK signal timing
  • Robust system controllers, data collection, storage, and management devices
  • Flashing LED pedestrian, stop, yield, school zone and custom signage
  • Flashing LED Sign and Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon (RRFB) systems
  • Traffic safety mobile app, with autonomous vehicle applications. [U.S. Patent issued.]

Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing process of sub assembly and system component full assembly and shipping. Some internal machine of parts. Made in U.S.A. compliant.

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Company Name: LightGuard Systems, Inc.

Category: Other Lighting Equipment Manufacturing

Location: Santa Rosa

Contact Person: Michael Harrison

Phone: 707-542-4547

Email: @



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