Did you know that by 2025, 3 out of 4 people in the American workforce will belong to Generation Y? These individuals born between the 1980s and 2000s (or more commonly known as millennials) are accustomed and most familiar with the latest innovations in computers, phones, tablets, video games and social networks. And while they receive criticism ranging from their difficulty socializing to their focus on instant gratification, their mastery of technology has a lot to offer the world of manufacturing. 

Millennials offer the manufacturing industry a new, fresh perspective with their unique ability to use technology to their advantage.You’re likely familiar with the image of teens playing video games with headsets on and talking with fellow players halfway across the globe. Imagine using that capability in our industry. Underneath the criticism and harmless inter-generational teasing, there’s a remarkable global interconnection among like-minded individuals that use state-of-the-art technology to their advantage. Just think about the evolution happening in manufacturing with robotics, laser technology and smart manufacturing.  

Could Millennials shape the future of American manufacturing?

3D Printing Bridging the Gap

As millennials are known to desire instant gratification more than past generations, the growth of 3D printing provides them with this exact feeling of achievement. More than likely they've been exposed to 3D printers in their school and maybe even in their home. The 3D printing capability to see their design projects come to life in a matter of minutes guarantees them the excitement and gratification they so desire.

Interactive & Real-Time Communication

Imagine the ability of a Generation Y employee talking to suppliers via headset and picture real-time visual and audio synchronization among manufacturing partners. A manufacturer could take this technology and easily communicate with both suppliers and customers to discuss changes to certain business elements. This innovative communication method can go a long way by getting all of your partners on the same page for a more streamlined and efficient way of improving your production efficiency.

Nanotechnology Stimulates Interest

Being tech-savvy, optimistic, curious and efficient at multi-tasking allows millennials to serve the manufacturing industry with potential productivity that we’ve never seen before. With nanotechnology, manufacturers are constantly breaking down structures to their root and rebuilding them to make them more efficient and to possibly serve other uses. And although it may not be used in a video game, this type of technology allows the younger generation to see their hard work applied to real-world innovations.

This not only serves your organization with a new and improved product, but it also fulfills your younger employee’s desires for speedy gratification in the process.

Generation Y's ability to adjust to new, innovative technologies serves manufacturing organizations with a valuble workforce.What's Next? Statistically, the industry will be inclined to recruit more workers from this generation. Fortunately for both this generation and those already within the industry, technology has drastically improved business processes and the dynamics of the workplace.

While the people who were able to witness this gradual progression from decade to decade continue to adapt to these new technologies, the generation that grew up with technology may actually be a benefit to the new world of manufacturing, They will be the new pioneers to advance the technologies in ways we haven't even begun to consider...

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