Inland Powder Coating Corporation

Inland Powder Coating Corporation (IPC) is located in Ontario, CA and employs 108 people.  The powder coating process involves covering metal parts with a colored powder and then curing by heating to coat the finished product.  When heated to an appropriate temperature, the material bonds with the metal, which paints the product in an environmentally safe manner.


In 2012, IPC wanted to improve efficiencies to ensure that they could continue to meet customer delivery time and quality requirements as production rates increased. It was becoming more challenging to organize internal data and scheduling information. A better system was required to manage information and effectively track and schedule orders.  Assistance was also needed to expand their market strategically.


The CMTC consultants evaluated the company’s needs and provided strategies to address IPC’s requirement for a better management system, greater productivity, and a sound marketing strategy. Three different initiatives were planned: Lean, implementing an ERP System and improving their sales and marketing strategy. The Lean Manufacturing training was designed to help IPC improve productivity in order to meet demand and resulted in better product flow and a cleaner, safer working environment for the employees. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software implementation helped to manage scheduling and order data. A more sophisticated reporting system was created to use maps, charts and graphics to better relay scheduling information to employees. CMTC helped management outline a new strategy by identifying new consumers and assessing competitive threats. Marketing materials were updated to better inform prospects about the benefits of using powder coating and helped the sales staff attract new customers. The project ended in June of 2012.

“CMTC’s strategic assistance is crucial for California manufacturers looking to grow. Between the new management system implemented under their guidance and the adoption of Lean principles, we were able to improve efficiencies and realize cost savings. With CMTC’s expertise, we were able to develop a new marketing strategy which resulted in new customers and sales.”

--David Flatten
President Inland Powder Coating Corporation (IPC)

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