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For more than 30 years, ADF Visual Display Products (ADF) has served the digital display marketplace as both a custom engineering firm and OEM manufacturer. ADF's customers include some of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of display technology in the industry, who tum to the company for its innovative design and efficient, cost effective manufacturing expertise. ADF specializes in, but is not limited to, the OEM design, engineering and fabrication of unique mounting solutions for LED, LCD, and other display technologies such as custom wall, ceiling and column mounting of displays and rear projection systems.





Two of the biggest challenges faced by ADF are a changing market and increased competition. These have been exacerbated by pressing issues revolving around shop production. The company found itself turning down work it couldn't support and needed to find ways to increase capacity. Creating capacity by improving throughput, especially in regards to the scheduling of a newly acquired laser cutting machine, would help the shop become more efficient and improve ADF's competitiveness and ability to take on more work.

Continuous improvement is a large part of the culture at ADF. Weekly 30-minute training meetings are held to address improvements with staff who then implement the suggested changes. An identified need was to improve the knowledge and skills of welding for operators to increase efficiencies, reduce errors and improve throughput through the welding process. The investment in employee skills would reinforce the company's commitment to continuous improvement and strengthen employee engagement and morale.



CMTC developed a welding workshop series for operators to improve their knowledge and skills in welding processes, welding code acceptance criteria and welding process troubleshooting. The workshop series began in April, 2018, and was scheduled weekly over the course of a month. The workshops provided training on welding processes theory and specific instruction on Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) processes and Flux Core Arc Welding gas shielded (FCAW­S) processes. Classroom instruction was combined with hands-on training with welding technique demonstrations. Group and individual coaching was also provided through guided practice sessions. Certification testing took place at the end of the second and fourth workshops.



The training was successful in significantly improving the welding knowledge and skills of ADF's operators and led to improved weld quality and product quality. The increased weld speed and improved knowledge of machine maintenance and set ups led to a 1% savings in cost and higher production and sales. Improved customer satisfaction led to 5% in retained sales and increased capacity led to an estimated 5% increase in new sales, which directly contributed to one new job created.

"CMTC is a fabulous resource and brought our team to another level."

Lou Mannick
CEO, ADF Visual Display Products

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