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Allett Wallets is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1995. For the last 26 years, Allett has manufactured and sold the world’s thinnest wallets. It recently expanded its product line to include shop masks.


Allett owners looked to 2020 as a critical juncture in the company’s future growth strategy. A key element of that strategy was an end-to-end redesign of their marketing efforts. In February 2020, just as they began to partner with CMTC to help realize those goals, the COVID-19 pandemic surfaced. Allett management decided to rapidly re-purpose a portion of their operations to help the local community by manufacturing and making available reusable masks for adults and children. Their marketing plan had to adjust accordingly.


CMTC partnered with Allett over a four-month period to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and tactical plan. Components included a website audit and redesign, content strategy and development, and a robust email marketing campaign. CMTC consultants provided art direction, digital asset creation, copywriting, and video production and editing.


As a result, Allett was fully prepared to scale up quickly to introduce, market, and sell new products. The marketing strategies earned significant local media attention, which in turn generated increased sales. During the initial four months, Allett was able to hire a temporary team of 15 people. They began working with 12 new local contractors and purchased materials and services from another 13 new vendors across Southern California. In addition, Allett was able to hire one new full-time employee.

Allett estimates a sales increase of $1.5 million over a 12-month period, enabling investments of $22,400 in new products and processes and $5,000 in plant and equipment improvements. In addition, Allett designated another $2,000 for employee learning and development.

 “Our decision to work with CMTC was a crucial part of our success in 2020—our highest grossing year in 26 years of business.”

— Bridget Muscat, President

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