American Nail Plating, Inc.

American Nail Plate Lighting (ANP) has been a leading manufacturer of lighting fixtures for both residential and commercial use since 1973. ANP produces innovative and competitively priced custom fixtures for numerous commercial clients across the nation. The company has 50 employees and is located in Montclair, California.


In 2012, ANP wanted to increase sales by expanding its product line. ANP wanted to embrace the recent advancements in the field of LED lighting to develop new products and support growth. Adapting to the new technologies and manufacturing methods required an investment in new equipment and processes which ANP would need to enter the LED market. The company needed to reduce production costs by becoming more efficient and Lean and invest those savings into new LED product development.


ANP Lighting met with CMTC in May, 2012. CMTC consultants started a Lean Improvement Project which included Lean training that was designed to help ANP work more effectively and improve their processes. The project involved a careful analysis of the facility’s layout and a reorganization of the production floor to increase efficiencies. Unneeded materials were removed from the workplace and equipment was relocated to increase convenience for employees. The team also revamped its processes to accommodate the new layout.The project concluded in June, 2012. The time and money saved by the project permitted ANP to invest resources into the equipment, processes and workforce developments required to expand its product line. The investments allowed the company to innovate new LED lighting products, create new lighting lenses and lanterns, which resulted in $700,000 in new sales. The organization expects to continue growing.

“As a small company taking steps to grow, CMTC was an incredible resource. Their team helped us improve our production processes and guided us to become more efficient, lean and organized. CMTC’s training allowed us to reduce production costs and invest resources in new product developments. The result was increased sales.”

--Bob Foster
Production Manager

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