Artech Industries

Artech Industries, Inc. (“Artech”) is a major supplier of strain gauge load cells / force transducers for a wide variety of industrial and OEM applications. Proven engineering innovations, precision manufacturing and effective quality control procedures have built an enviable reputation and record of performance since the company’s founding in 1985. Artech’s calibration is traceable to the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) and MIL STD 45662. With complete in-house machining capabilities, inventory levels that enable the company to be responsive, and a focus on maintaining on-time delivery, Artech has been a reliable fixture in its local manufacturing community.


Recent events have negatively impacted Artech’s ability to achieve its strategic growth objectives. For the last three years, revenue had been trending downwards and customer consolidation has decreased its customer base. In addition, increased global competition, increasing costs for metals, challenging supply chain issues and a lack of in-house expertise and capacity led Artech’s senior management to engage CMTC’s assistance to stimulate sales growth.  


CMTC assisted in developing a lead generation initiative with the implementation of two growth programs:

  1. BizBytesTM Sales Activity Program to increase awareness and generate new leads for the company’s product lines
  2. BizLeadsTM Program to identify and source new prospects in targeted markets

These two programs were implemented in the following steps:

  • Email Campaign – An email campaign was launched consisting of three target emailings. The messages were designed and developed using content that came from Artech’s website and product literature. The email campaign list was a combination of new prospects provided through by the BizLeads program as well as from Artech’s customer and prospects lists.
  • Research for Prospective Customers – Research was done using proprietary systems to acquire relevant prospects in industries targeted by Artech. Evaluation and screening of prospects was done that led to the addition of new prospects to the company’s target marketing list.
  • Data Collection & Analytics – Artech received a customized report of each BizByte e-mail with analytics on the number of “opens” and “clicks” generated by the e-mails.


  • Increased, proactive outreach to target markets leading to heightened market and industry awareness
  • Improved messaging to customers and prospects that led to an increase in viable sales leads
  • Streamlining and modernization of sales and marketing processes through the implementation of new technology solutions
  • Increased sales of $250,000 that supported the addition of 2 new jobs and improved best practices and processes that led to retaining $2.6M in sales and 12 jobs.
  • Engaging CMTC’s expert outside assistance helped Artech save as much as $125,000 in internal costs and the procurement of comparable services for market research, prospect list development and procurement, marketing campaign design, development and launch, and management of leads.
  • Artech estimates an investment of as much as $140,000 of internal resource time to support the project and the increased activity generated by the project.


“CMTC has assisted us in growing our business through a sales and marketing campaign to reach new customers, enhance our sales pipeline and expand sales.”

— Girish Bera, CFO

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