Bazz Houston International

Bazz Houston International (BHI) is a metal forming, spring and sheet metal fabrication manufacturer headquartered in Garden Grove, CA. BHI has grown both organically as well as through acquisitions. BHI acquired an aerospace products manufacturer, which was absorbed and integrated into BHI’s Garden Grove location. BHI also established an additional manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico. BHI specializes in manufacturing springs, stampings, wireform, fourslide, metal fabrication and assembly and also has an in-house engineering department for customer problem solving, prototyping and tooling.


BHI has grown and transformed. BHI’s senior management team is committed to employee training and development, recognizing this as necessary for profitable growth. Because of the industries it serves, BHI needed to maintain its AS9100 certification – a requirement of its aerospace and defense customers. BHI senior management identified a need for training its AS9100 internal audit team and also determined that the fabrication department was an area where improvements made would help strengthen the company significantly.  


CMTC developed and provided customized training programs in 2018 to address BHI’s workforce skills needs. The training programs focused on several areas:

  • AS9100 Internal Auditor training to support AS9100 recertification and client retention. Key employees were trained in auditing techniques, requirements of AS9100, documenting audit findings and writing corrective actions.
  • Blueprint Reading and math skills training to improve quality through the reduction in rework in fabrication.
  • Lean Manufacturing training to improve the knowledge and skills to apply Lean methods to target improved efficiencies and cost reductions. Key employees participated in a workshop on the principles of Lean Manufacturing and were trained on Value Stream Mapping. Value Stream Mapping helped the trainees understand the flow of value and where waste could be removed to reduce time and cost. From the Value Stream Mapping, rapid improvement events (kaizens) were identified and trainees participated in the improvement activities to achieve changes in processes and to achieve positive results. The completed improvement activities targeted improved workflows, reduced lead times and improved on-time delivery to BHI’s customers.


By participating in and completing training, BHI’s employees were able to improve their knowledge and skills in implementing improved practices. The AS9100 Internal Auditor training directly supported the company’s ability to be recertified to AS9100, a requirement of BHI’s key customers. Maintaining AS9100 certification led to 2% overall in retained customer sales. Training on Lean Manufacturing methods led to improved processes, consolidated reduced steps, better collaboration, less downtime and as much as $150,000 in cost savings. BHI invested in plant and equipment to support the changes, in addition to the investment of improving employees’ skills. Improved processes led to increased capacity to support increased sales of approximately 15%. BHI achieved higher customer satisfaction as well as improved employee satisfaction and engagement.

“For quite a few years, CMTC has been a great partner in the development of our personnel and processes. CMTC’s staff is great and very involved in the process. Look forward to many more years of increased sales and employment in California!”

— Javier Castro, President and CEO