DMC Power, Inc

DMC Power creates high-end connectors for the energy industry. Products are used in substation bus, cable and grounding system connections. The company has 116 employees and is headquartered in Carson, CA.


DMC Power was originally part of an aerospace organization, but had been separated in recent years into its own operating unit. Both corporations were owned by a private equity company and shared an IT system that was maintained by the aerospace company. In April of 2013, the private equity firm received an attractive offer from a second private equity firm to acquire the aerospace organization. DMC had long been aware of the possibility they would one day need their own ERP system because of the likelihood that one of the companies (either DMC or the Aerospace company) would be sold. 


DMC Power contacted CMTC in April of 2013. CMTC first guided DMC through an IT Due Diligence and Readiness Assessment which included an evaluation of the company’s existing business systems. A formal ERP system selection ensued and CMTC quickly recognized that the quickest option was to find a way to utilize the existing ERP system. CMTC worked with the current ERP vendor to understand DMC Power’s business situation to better meet their non-aerospace needs and then helped negotiate an acceptable cost of this ERP software previously considered too costly for their business. CMTC also identified and negotiated a solution with a cloud provider able to supply both infrastructure and ongoing software support for the ERP system at an acceptable cost.

The ERP System transfer to the cloud and training were completed ahead of schedule and by the end of September 2013.This enabled the timely sale of the aerospace company to the private equity firm.

“CMTC played an important role in assessing our IT needs during a pivotal time in our organization. They helped us adopt an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that saved us significant resources and $200,000. We were able to implement our new system ahead of schedule with minimal interference to our employees.”

- Eban Kane, Chief Financial Officer

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