Dynamic Fabrication Inc.

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Since 1981, Dynamic Fabrication Inc. (DFI) has specialized in providing high quality, close tolerance custom metal fabrication, certified welding, and precision machining to a broad spectrum of industries including Aircraft, Medical, Entertainment, Energy, Oil, Environmental, Architectural, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, and Transportation. DFI is ITAR Controlled, ISO 9001:2015/AS9100 Rev. D certified, and a registered Minority Business Enterprise with Number SC14787.


DFI needed an immediate solution to improve product quality and on-time delivery. They had experienced a spike in customer returns; and, via internal reviews, they had identified pre-shipment quality issues. In addition, their on-time delivery was low. In assessing the issues, DFI management isolated a key root cause as blueprint reading errors. A company dedicated to improving employee capability, DFI turned to CMTC for consulting and training support.


CMTC partnered with DFI to create a training curriculum that would align with the company’s focus areas: customer requirements and continuous improvement. Over a 12-week period, CMTC consultants delivered 40 hours of blueprint reading training to 17 employees.

CMTC helped DFI access California Employment Training Panel (ETP) funds to offset the training costs as well as provided ETP program management and administrative assistance. In addition, CMTC offered consulting, technical support, and account management services both onsite at DFI’s Santa Ana facilities and offsite at CMTC offices.


As a result of CMTC’s training and consulting, Dynamic Fabrication estimated cost savings of $750,000 over a 12-month period, enabling investments of $100,000 in new products and processes and $15,000 in plant and equipment improvements. In addition, DFI designated another $24,000 of investment for employee learning and development.

 “Working with CMTC allowed us to rebuild our company’s infrastructure to support growth. As a result of the efficiencies we’ve gained in our fabrication and the machining side of the house, we are able to increase our profits and return money back into the business for new equipment purchases.”

— Andrew Cook, President