Elite Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing serves as a one-stop shop for metal finishing and paint powder coating services. They provide chemical processing and plating, painting, and parts to a wide base of commercial, military, and aerospace companies. The organization has 45 employees and is located in Oceanside, CA.


Elite Metal Finishing needed to become ISO: 9001:2008 certified because their top customers were making it mandatory that their suppliers and partners were ISO certified. These customers comprised nearly one-third of their total revenue and it was critical that they obtain certification.

The lack of certification was also impacting the organization’s ability to diversify its customer base and attract new business. There were numerous potential clients in the area who were looking for a local metal finishing resource who had ISO certification.



Elite Metal Finishing connected with CMTC for an ISO Readiness Project and consultants guided them throughout the certification preparation process. Employees were coached on how to improve their workflow and create stronger quality control system measures. They helped the company implement new procedures and processes to improve operational performance and meet the criteria to pass the independent audit for IS0: 9001. The consulting and training concluded within three weeks and the organization subsequently obtained ISO: 9001 certification.

Elite Metal Finishing was successfully able to leverage their certification to better penetrate the market. ISO certification helped the company retain their top clients, as well as bring in new clients which helped them realize $180,000 in increased sales annually. The improved workflow and operational performance helped Elite Metal Finishing work more efficiently as well.


“Becoming ISO 9001:2008 registered was critical to our company’s growth. With CMTC’s assistance, we were able to increase sales by $180,000, retain $600,000 in sales and recognize $25,000 in cost savings.”

- Dan Rose, President

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