Elite Robotics Corp.

Elite Robotics Corp. was founded in 2016, specializing in automated workcells and robots for manufacturing and process automation. The company provides systems integration and complete workcell development, fabrication, installation, and support for desktop-sized robots, smart fixtures, and 3D cameras for the industrial, medical, biotech, and aerospace markets.


Elite Robotics was looking to enhance marketing efforts with the goal of identifying product diversification, business growth, and financing opportunities. CMTC met with the company to discuss assistance in exploring target markets and developing a marketing strategy to acquire customers in the United States and internationally.


From April-July 2019, CMTC aided Elite Robotics to support the company’s exploration of target markets and product diversification. CMTC developed a marketing strategy that included comparative market analysis and email campaigns, and also provided the company with support in hiring a sales team. CMTC assisted in developing a lead generation initiative for Elite Robotics through the implementation of five BizBytesTM, a program that included the creation of attention-getting graphics and digital email blasts.


Elite Robotics hired two salespeople and received a high number of warm leads as a result of the B2B activities initiated through the CMTC project. The company reported a $500,000 increase in sales, hiring a total of 20 new employees, and retaining two employees in the six months following their engagement with CMTC.

 “I would never have recognized the pivot to our current business without the technical assistance we got from CMTC. The terrific response we got to the second email blast spurred our diversification.”

— Bob Kay, CEO