EnviroKinetics is an innovative company specializing in emissions control, heat
recovery, and automation packages. The company’s accumulated decades of
experience have made EnviroKinetics a trusted problem solver for the power
generation, chemical, refining, and materials processing industries. Founded in
2001 by an experienced team of engineers with refinery operations backgrounds,
EnviroKinetics supplies turn-key emissions control, heat transfer, and automation
packages to the power, chemical, refining, and materials processing industries.
In 2011, EnviroKinetics underwent a transition to an employee stock ownership
program (ESOP). As a result of this transition, all EnviroKinetics employees are now
stockholders in the corporation with a vested interest in the success of the company.


Key customers informed EnviroKinetics that they require ISO 9001 certification in order to continue to receive orders from them. EnviroKinetics recognized that it lacked the internal resources to put processes and procedures in place to implement a quality management system compliant to ISO 9001 efficiently and effectively. In order to minimize disruption to the company’s operations, the management team decided to select an external ISO 9001 expert with experience in implementing a quality management system and the capabilities to help prepare the company for 3rd-party certification. Achieving ISO 9001 certification would better
ensure the protection of existing sales as well as improve the company’s processes and performance overall.


CMTC began an ISO 9001 implementation project with EnviroKinetics in August 2019. Based on a needs assessment, CMTC developed an implementation plan that included training, coaching and project management assistance. Working with key EnviroKinetics management and staff, CMTC provided training on the development of procedures and documentation, practical training on conducting internal audits, mentoring and support to the EnviroKinetics project team on training in other areas of the organization on new procedures, and assisted in the training and development of the company’s corrective actions system. CMTC also facilitated
Management Reviews consistent with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.



At the conclusion of the project, EnviroKinetics was well prepared for its 3rd-party ISO 9001 certification audit. The achievement of certification resulted in retained sales of $3,000,000 and an increase in sales of $6,000,000. The new and retained sales has led to a job increase of three and retained jobs of 15. The efficiencies in operations as a result of an effective management system, have led to cost savings of $100,000.

"CMTC was very easy to work with and was always available to answer any questions we might have. We would love to work with them on any future projects that EnviroKinetics, Inc. might have. Our goal was to become ISO 9001 certified and we passed without any findings.”

— Cheryl Fogarty, Vice President

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