Famous PUDN

Famous PUDN LLC is a multi-generation, family-owned business that has been creating delicious and healthy gourmet desserts since 1999. Famous PUDN offers over 20 flavors of KSA Kosher-certified and gluten-free pudding – all homemade in small kettle batches using all-natural ingredients. In addition to their store in Murrieta, CA, Famous PUDN also wholesales to wineries and businesses and caters local events.


Due to recent popularity on social media, Famous PUDN’s business tripled over the course of a few weeks – lines wrapped around the building at their store and mass production requests from large corporations rolled in. Famous PUDN’s fast-paced growth created a need for more employees, better equipment, and training protocols to keep up with increasing demand.


CMTC worked with Famous PUDN to develop a personalized training program which included five 2 ½-hour on-site group sessions and four 30-minute virtual one-on-one sessions. CMTC provided extensive job instruction that broke down each job and documented the important steps, reasons for each step, and key points for more efficient on-the-job training. CMTC worked with Famous PUDN to improve the effectiveness of their training to reduce the risk of process scrap, defects, and equipment damage. In addition, CMTC’s customized training program focused on improving workforce retention by empowering new operators with an effective training experience that supports good job performance, morale, and teamwork. With CMTC’s expert guidance, Famous PUDN’s employees learned how to train effectively by implementing the four-step method, reducing the need to re-train tasks. Famous PUDN’s team also learned how to strengthen their production capacity and reduce vulnerability by creating Training Timetables to identify opportunities for cross-training.


Famous PUDN estimates a $250,000 sales increase as a result of CMTC’s services. In addition, Famous PUDN reported $16,000 in cost savings and three new jobs added. Famous PUDN also reported $29,000 in capital investments – $15,000 in equipment, $3,000 in technology, and $11,000 in workforce development and training.

“We’re very, very appreciative of CMTC for their help. They’re still there for me too. When we want to expand, I always have a resource to go to.”

— EJ Smith, Founder & Co-Owner

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