Tara Harris created FemeFlex after having a surgery that made it difficult for her to wear tight-fitting undergarments. In collaborating with doctors, engineers, and manufacturers, Tara designed and created an innovative pantiless liner that provides the same comfort and protection as a regular pantyliner without the need for undergarments. When the product launches, FemeFlex will be the world’s first-to-market pantiless liner.


In 2021, Tara was preparing for the launch of future products and wanted to identify opportunities for business growth. In particular, Tara was interested in new marketing strategies – she wanted to increase the company’s brand awareness and grow the company’s client base by boosting organic website traffic and social media touches. Tara contacted CMTC for expert guidance and assistance.


CMTC worked with Tara from November 2021 to March 2022 to identify and implement customized search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. CMTC consultants developed and recommended website optimization tools, provided Shopify theme support, and supported Google Analytics installation and configuration. To help her save money and avoid hiring outside developers, CMTC consultants also gave Tara a tutorial on how to make content updates and edits to the website and social media accounts herself.


Following the implementation of the tools and strategies provided by CMTC, Tara projects the company will see increased website and social media traffic and subsequent sales conversions. She attributes $10,000 in cost savings to the project implementation and forecasts $60,000 in new product and process investments in the near future. “The training I received through CMTC will enable me to understand and utilize SEO and Google tools to gain insights into site metrics and make informed business decisions,” Tara said.

“Our new website is great. I am very happy with CMTC’s work and their advice on positioning!”

— Tara Harris, CEO