Fuse Integration

Fuse Integration (“Fuse”) is an engineering and design firm focused on networks and software development. Fuse was established in 2010 with a strategy to leverage a partner’s existing software package to interconnect DOD systems in an early Internet of Things (“IOT”) approach. Fuse’s rapid prototyping processes now drive a constant exploration of new ideas. Warfighter-focused design thinking leads Fuse teams into both system and software designs that are building exceptional interest by our military. Fuse is working software applications that significantly reduce troubleshooting timelines through remote system monitoring, situational awareness tools for mobile devices, long-range network solutions for aircraft, and energy storage solutions unlike anything on the market.


Fuse began manufacturing its product for the Navy in 2012. An increase in demand for the company’s software platform has required additional capacity that has led to bringing on additional engineering staff. In addition, Fuse recognized the need to improve manufacturing effectiveness and efficiencies as demand has grown. At the same time, Fuse’s DOD customers were strongly encouraging the company to implement an ISO 9001 quality management system. Fuse recognized that effective implementation of ISO 9001 would help improve its processes and performance, and Fuse management recognized that the company did not have the in-house expertise or experience to prepare for ISO 9001 3rd-party certification without outside assistance. Implementing an ISO 9001 compliant system would lead to improved efficiencies and would be key to continuing to secure DOD contracts.


CMTC structured a project with Fuse that began in November 2018 to assess the changes in Fuse’s quality management system needed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001. The project included training and coaching of key Fuse staff on the development of documentation and the implementation of procedures to improve its processes and meet the requirements of ISO 9001. CMTC also provided project management guidance and trained Fuse team members on the requirements of ISO 9001 and what to expect during a 3rd-party audit. Key staff were trained and mentored on data collection methods and practical coaching was provided to help the Fuse team on implementing all required elements of the ISO 9001 standard that applied to the company.


  • Successfully received IS0 9001 certification
  • Increased sales of $3,200,000 and retained sales of $500,000
  • 5 new jobs created and 5 jobs retained
  • Investment of $170,000


“CMTC has assisted us in growing our business through a sales and marketing campaign to reach new customers, enhance our sales pipeline and expand sales.”

— Girish Bera, CFO

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