George T. Hall

In October 1932, George Hall started the George T. Hall Company as a small distributor of trailers and butane heaters in West Los Angeles, California. Today, the George T. Hall Company is a full-service control solutions provider, offering control panel systems, equipment programming services, instrument troubleshooting and repairs, and system integration and automation. The company serves a wide variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, renewable energy, mining, and wastewater.


Right before the COVID-19 pandemic began, George T. Hall was in the middle of rapid growth and there was never a lack of work. However, once the pandemic began, work began to slow down, and key projects were cancelled that generated a lot of revenue for the business. George T. Hall used this as an opportunity to take a step back, reflecting on how they had been working in ways that were leaving the business and its teams spread too thin and limiting their capacity for further growth. They recognized that they needed to think strategically on how to move forward and increase the sustainability of the organization.


George T. Hall began working with CMTC in June 2020 – the primary areas of focus were Lean/continuous improvement, quality management systems and training (including preparing the organization for ISO 9001 Certification), and the implementation of a new ERP system, Acumatica. The Acumatica implementation, in conjunction with the systematic approach to process improvements and quality management, led to the replacement of multiple spreadsheets and disparate systems that impeded productivity and critical visibility for business. Acumatica offered George T. Hall an all-in-one system for tracking operations, business performance, and production in real time. In addition, with employees finally having access to a unified system and no longer needing to search in multiple places for critical information, George T. Hall staff experienced an increase in satisfaction and productivity.


Overall, the work with CMTC has had a transformative effect on George T. Hall. In addition to receiving ISO 9001 certification, they were named as one of 2023’s Best Places to Work in Orange County. There is now more than double the demand for services than there has ever been in the history of George T. Hall; and four new positions have been created to help meet the growing demand for their services. In addition, George T. Hall estimated a $1.5 million increase in sales and cost savings of over $2.5 million. George T. Hall also made capital investments totaling $1.9 million with $400k in products and processes, $200k in equipment, $300k in information systems and software, $400k in training, and $600k in other resources.

“The work with CMTC has been transformative. Through this process, we have created a more enjoyable workplace, increased client satisfaction, and are better able to embody our values as a company committed to high quality and sustainability in everything we do.”

— Dina Johnson, Vice President

“Employees at all levels are part of the process in helping identify areas of improvement and sharing their knowledge and experience to help create a new system to make a process more efficient. We now have a system for everything and if something new comes up, we know how to work together as a team to build a new one.”

— Ryan Ortega, Manufacturing & QA Manager

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