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ICPK Corporation dba HPP Food Services, founded in 2015, is the first toller in Southern California and the first in the U.S. to provide co-packing services for HPP (high-pressure processing) products. HPP is a natural method of food processing that uses cold water and up to 87,000 psi to neutralize listeria, salmonella, E. coli, and other pathogens. HPP Food Services has 150 employees and $10 million in annual sales.


HPP Food Services was seeking assistance with growing the leadership skills of employees in order to enhance interpersonal communication, team effectiveness, ability to adapt to change, and a continuous improvement mindset. CMTC discussed with the company ways in which a leadership development training program could help to achieve HPP Food Services’ objectives.


CMTC provided nine remotely delivered Leadership Development workshops and additional technical support for HPP Food Services from January to April 2021. Through team-based exercises, lectures, and training videos, employees learned about workplace skills including planning and prioritizing work, peer-to-peer communication, and conflict management strategies using tools such as AEIOU (Acknowledge, Express, Identify, Outcome, Understanding) and DESC (Describe, Express, Specify, Consequence).


HPP Food Services reported that employees who participated in the leadership training improved both their individual and team skills, enhancing their performance and driving results for the company. The company projects $2 million in increased sales, 20 new employees, and the retainment of 10 employees in the 12 months following the leadership training. Company leadership anticipates investing $200,000 in products and processes, $1 million in capital improvements, $200,000 in information systems and software, and $200,000 in their workforce over the next 12 months.

“We were very satisfied with the curriculum and the knowledge of the instructor. The training was beneficial for our company and for the professional growth of our employees. We were very happy to work with the CMTC team - they were all extremely professional and helpful. I would love to continue working with CMTC!”

— Carlos Takahashi, COO

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